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Voice of Conscience

Second Edition of Powerful Novel Explores the High Price of Revenge

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Voice of Conscience (published by AuthorHouse), the second edition of the well-received novel by Behcet Kaya, is a tightly-spun tale of redemption and human nature vividly depicted in the story of one man’s manic journey to fulfill his debt and reclaim his past at whatever cost.

Voice of Conscience begins in a small village in eastern Turkey, where Ramzi Ozcomert Jr. is catapulted into a fearsome adult world after the brutal death of his parents and sister. Shattered by grief and fear, Ramzi begins his flight from threats both real and imagined that take him from Istanbul to London, engendering in him a deep need for revenge. His plans are interrupted when he discovers love in the most unexpected of times, allowing himself to fall for an American and start over in California.

Despite his subsequent success in America, he cannot overcome the horrifying images of his murdered family members that plague his every moment. Ramzi’s obsession will take him to the very heart of his past as he travels back to Turkey, culminating in an ending that will confound all expectations. Voice of Conscience articulates a collision of opposites – of Turkish customs and Western values, loss and new life, love and hate – in a compulsively readable book essential for our times.

Praise for Voice of Conscience:

“‘Voice of Conscience’ is a riveting tale of life, love, and revenge.”
– Ellen Feld,

“This novel is a Shakespearean Tragedy done at its best. I can imagine this story as a big screen movie. ‘Voice of Conscience’ is a story the reader will not forget.”
– Nancy Eaton,

“Kaya has presented us with a must-read first novel, a tale discussing cultural imperatives that must be explored by all of us as we face today’s world. This is a memorable read!”
– G. A. Bixler, IP Book Reviews

“Behcet Kaya has planned out his story well and the characters are vivid throughout. Enter into Ramzi's world, where the soul is consumed by the dark clouds of a painful and unforgettable past - where nothing can soothe the savage beast within.”
– Martha Jette, Author/Editor

“‘Voice of Conscience’ is a compelling drama with the author incorporating the traits of a Shakespearean Tragedy very successfully. It is highly recommended to readers who enjoy compelling stories of human frailty.”
– Tracy Roberts, Write Field Services

Behcet Kaya was born in a small village in northeastern Turkey. At age 16, he traveled to England, where he finished his education. Kaya came to the U.S. in 1973 and became a U.S. citizen in 1985. He and his wife currently live in Los Angeles. Voice of Conscience is his first novel.

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